Digirati Group Brands:

Promoting businesses through the Internet for over 20 years

We are a company boasting substantial experience in Internet technologies. Our inception took place shortly after the "dot-com bubble," and since 2001, we have been actively engaged in the Brazilian market, specializing in the creation and hosting of websites, domain registration, and online courses.

Presently, the Digirati Group effectively oversees Hostnet Internet along with distance learning educational initiatives, namely Curso em Vídeo and Estudonauta.

Website hosting

Distinguished by our infrastructure, which features proprietary servers strategically situated within the world's premier data centers.

Domain register

We specialize in domain registration and the yearly renewal of addresses that are already registered with regulatory authorities.

Website Creation

We excel in crafting websites, virtual stores, distance learning platforms, and projects utilizing WordPress and various other open-source technologies.

Online courses

We offer professional courses encompassing technology, career advancement, and digital marketing, all accompanied by certification.


We maintain our proprietary servers, overseen by our team of infrastructure engineers, which are housed within the technology park of one of Latin America's primary data centers.

Ascenty operates 34 data centers across Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Colombia, strategically positioned and interconnected through its cutting-edge private network spanning over 5,000 kilometers of 100% fiber optic connectivity.

Our web hosting environment is fortified with an array of security features, including CDN, Digital SSL Certificate, TLS-encrypted Email Encryption, DMARC-protected Email to thwart fraud, Secure Domain with DNSSEC, IPV6, and Clustered DNS Servers. These technologies ensure the utmost security for your hosting needs.


The foundation of our solutions predominantly relies on free software. We recognize that open-source solutions contribute to the collective community and bolster the internet economy, enabling numerous professionals to engage in service provision, consultation, and resource augmentation, thereby nurturing a comprehensive ecosystem centered around free platforms.

We hold profound respect for the Free Software culture and extend our gratitude to the global community for their dedicated efforts. As a token of our appreciation, we actively contribute through translations, cross-collaborations, code enhancements, bug rectifications, and financial support for select projects.

The internet is indispensable
in the realm of business!

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